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San Fernando Bay Tour - Nazca Peru

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Itinerary : San Fernando Bay Natural reserve - Nazca Peru
San Fernando Bay, is located inside the Natural Protected Area - San Fernando National Reserve (recognized by Supreme Decree of the Republic of Peru from 2011).

"The Bay San Fernando" concentrated marine biodiversity rich - coastal, which includes a wide variety of wildlife. Contact this environment allows visitors to appreciate the Peruvian coastal wildlife, the food chain is supported by phytoplankton and zooplankton in the area.

This marine paradise concentrated biodiversity, marine outcrops, relict forests, hills, cliffs, winds, telling beautiful landscape with breathtaking views.

This wonderful and Dazzling "Bay" is located in the northeast of the city of Marcona and southeast of the Bay of Paracas, between the sea and the hills of Marcona (District of Marcona, Nazca, Ica Region, Peru in South America )

As for the flora, the marine environment, various microalgae feed commercial fish species such as anchovy, sardine, mackerel, mullet, croaker, flounder, cheetah among others. Also, marine flora, represented by various types of algae, provides shelter, food and reproduction invertebrates and fish.
The coastal forest of the lower basin has a rich relict flora guarango (Prosopispallida), toñúz (Pluchea chingoyo) and other species representative of the Department of Ica.

In this environment coexist harmoniously some marine mammals like sea cat or otter, fur seal and southern sea lion; also can be spotted, cetaceans, which include the humpback whale, the blue whale, fin whale, sperm whale, bottlenose dolphin, among others. With respect to birds, we find Andean condors, tendrils, pelicans, cormorants and penguins; also live in the area the Andean fox, the Pampas cat, guanacos and many other species.
San Fernando Bay synonymous with marine paradise under the fauna and the beauty of its surroundings is; however it is important to note that the conservation of some of these species are threatened, vulnerable or endangered; It is the refuge of a great variety of animals who have found a perfect area for breeding habitat.

The climate of the region is determined by the desert area of Ica and the Humboldt Current.The maximum temperature varies between 26 ° - 34 ° C in summer and 16 ° - 26 ° in winter..


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