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Nazca lines flights

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Itinerary :Early in the morning, pick up at your hotel and private transfer to the Aerodrome "Maria Reiche" of Nazca.
Palpitating overflights over the enigmatic Nazca lines indecipherable. One of the most intriguing, magical and unique worldwide flight is overflying these world famous geoglyphs, and the newly discovered lines of Palpa.

Flights from the Aerodrome "Maria Reiche" in the city of Nazca from 6:00 pm to 16:30 pm (subject to weather and times established by the DGAC conditions depending month of the year).
Overflight in new Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft , flown by the most experienced captains in the area, visiting the Nazca Lines geoglyphs watching 13 classic:

1. The Whale
2. Compass
3. Trapezoids
4. Astronaut
5. Monkey
6. Dog
7. Hummingbird
8. Spider
9. Condor
10. Alcatraz
11. Parrot
12. Hands
13. Tree

After the flight, you will return to the Aerodrome "Maria Reiche" and a transfer conexion to your hotel.


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-Pick up from your hotel in Nazca.
-Private trasnportation.
-Professional driver & local guide.
-Flight over the Enigmatic nazca lines.
-Drop off at your hotel at the end of the tour


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