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Ceremonial city Cahuachi " Lost Pyramids of Nazca" & Antonini Museum

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Product description: Archeological complex of Cahuiche - Lost pyramids of Nazca & Antonin museum

Itinerary : Ceremonial city of Cahuachi
The Ceremonial city of Cahuachi is located about 28 kilometres away from the modern city of Nazca, at the lower section of the Nazca Valley, virtually in the middle of the desert. Since 1982 the Italian Archaeologist Giuseppe Orefeci has begun a tireless work uncovering the ancient city of the Nazca people. The archaeological complex covers an area of 24 square kilometres and within its territory exist huge pyramids, temples and platforms, which are brought to light year by year by Giuseppe Orefeci and his team. The ceremonial center of Cahuachi has a great importance, as it was there where the ancient Nazca culture developed.

Our customers are picked up at the designated time from their hotel by our local guide. Afterwards we will star our tour with the visit to the Museum Antonini in Nazca, an archaeological museum that houses the ancient pieces of the Nazca Culture. Here we will be able to learn about the evolution of the Nazca Culture, and also see fine pieces of ceramics and textiles. The museum Antonini has on display a great collection of panpipes made of clay, as well as spectacular mummies and trophy heads from the Nazca era. Later on we will drive our private vehicle to the west of Nazca towards the lower section of the Nazca valley, where the ruins of Cahuachi are located. On the way we will pass a wonderful desert landscape and eventually we will reach the ruins of Cahuachi. In Cahuachi our local guide will show us the most important sectors of Cahuachi, such as the Great Pyramid, The Stepped Temple, and the many other sectors that constitute the main attractions in Cahuachi. Finally we will board our private vehicle again and we will drive further down towards the temples of Estaqueria, an interesting archaeological complex made up by an array of trunks. According to the archaeologists, Estaqueria was once a ceremonial temple of the Nazca people, and it is very likely that the trunks or wood found at the place once served as pillars of a huge roof. In addition to the temple, we will also see structures of ancient tombs that were ransacked by graverobbers long ago. At the end we will return to Nazca and will leave you at your hotel. End of the tour..



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-Pick up from your hotel in Nazca.
-Private trasnportation.
-Professional driver & local guide.
-Entrance fees to the Musuem Antonini & Cahuachi pyramids.
-Drop off at your hotel at the end of the tour.

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