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Tour to Machu Picchu by car, 3 days tour package

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Tour to Machu Picchu by car in 3 Days -TOUR CODE : TP-3DMPCAR

Tour to Machu Picchu by car in 2 Days

Day 1. Cuzco - Santa Maria - Santa Teresa- Hydroelectric- Aguas Calientes

The tour begins 8:00 a.m. . with a hotel pick up .
Private transportation Cusco to Hydroelectric
Lunch in Santa Teresa village
Journey by train from hydroelectric to Aguas Calientes Machu PIcchu
hotel night in Aguas Calientes

Day 2 Machu Picchu Guided Tour

Breakfast in the hotel
05:00 hrs. hotel pick up & transfer to bus terminal
06:30 hrs. Ascent by bus to Machu Picchu
07:00 hrs. Guided tour of the Inca citadel (2 to 3 hrs.)
Bus return to Aguas Calientes
12:35 p.m. train journey back to Hydroelectric
Private transfer Hydroelectric to Santa Teresa.
The tour ends at 20:00 with transfer to the hote

Description Sacred Valley of the Incas │ Machu Picchu 2 Days

Day 1. Cuzco - Santa Maria - Santa Teresa - Hydroelectric - Aguas Calientes

We will depart at 08:30 a.m. from the starting point at Main Square in front of the Main Church The tour will begin with a nice, scenic ride to Ollantaytambo, where we will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area as we take a short, 30 minute break (approx). From there, we will continue down a long, winding path to "Habra de Malaga", which stands at an altitude of 4,316 mtrs. From that vantage point, we will see some of the most amazing landscapes that Peru has to offer.

Machu Picchu After a brief stop, we will begin our descent into the thick jungle, passing through the different micro-climates that combine the paradisiacal landscapes of the majestic snow-capped peaks with the hot, tropical entrance to the rainforest. We will continue along our route until we have reached Alfamayó, where there is a nice, paved road in perfect condition that we can use. We will need to take an unpaved road though, in order to continue on in the direction of Santa Maria, which is located at an altitude of 1575 meters above sea level. We will take a moment to rest here before continuing on to the small pueblo, Santa Teresa, where a delicious lunch will be awaiting us at approximately 14:00 pm. There will be a variety of different foods available to suit every taste.

Afterwards, at around 3:45 pm, we will return to the route in the direction of the train station at the nearby Hydroelectric Plant. The train will have us in Aguas Calientes by 19.30 pm, at which point you will be taken to the designated hostals and hotels. If we have any extra time to use, we can also go take a relaxing dip in the natural, heated waters of the hot baths. At 8 pm, though, it will be time to enjoy a hearty dinner along with the guide who will be taking you to the ancient citadel, Machu Picchu. At that time, he will have a chance to go over the plan for the following day and answer any questions. Overnight

Day 2 Machu Picchu Guided Tour

Machu Picchu You will have the option to go up to Machu Picchu by bus or walking . Breakfast will be served from 04:00 am. The guided tour of the site will begin at 6:00 am and will last for at least 2 hours. Afterwards, you will be able to enjoy some free time until approximately 12:30 pm, which is the recommended time to begin returning down the mountain to the train station. The train back to the hydroelectric plant will be leaving Aguas Calientes at 1:30 pm.

Upon our arrival to the hydroelectric plant, we will transfer over from the train to a private van, which will take us to Santa Teresa. There, we will have a one hour break for one last chance to get some food or use the restroom before we undertake the final leg of the ride. We will then proceed back to Cusco, returning down the same road that brought us here. We will arrive to Cusco around 22:00 pm (approx).and transfer to your hotel



This tour Includes :
Private, Tourist Transport (Cusco, Hydroelectric, Cusco)
Train Aguas Calientes – Hydroelectric .
1 night accommodation (w/ private bath, 24 hour hot water, Free luggage storage)
1 lunch, 1 dinner (Day 1), 1 breakfast (Day 2)
Entrance to the Citadel of Machu Picchu
Professional, bilingual Guide

Machu Picchu The package does not include:
Bus up to, or down from, Machu Picchu
Lunch on Day 2
Entrance to the thermal hot baths

To qualify as a student, you must have valid ISIC card.
Including Hotel services and improved train services they must be requested in advance.

What to wear for the tour:
Original passport, International Student Card (ISIC) if applicable as a student
Shoes, waterproof jacket, rain poncho (Dec-Mar), shirts, pants
Sun hat, sunscreen, bottled water and personal medicines
Shorts, swimsuit, camera, extra cash
Mosquito repellent, sunscreen
hat and long sleeve shirts
Swimsuit, Shorts, towel, and sandals, if you want to visit the thermal baths
Lantern, for if you choose to walk up to Machu Picchu, a poncho for rain
Water bottle and snacks
Camera, etc
Note: The accommodation will be based on double or group rooms

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