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1 Day Tour in Lima

Classic Tours in  Lima



1 Day Tour in Cusco Machu Picchu

Classic Tours in  Cusco







1 Day Tour in Paracas

Classic Tours in Paracas

1 Day Tour in Ica

Classic Tours in Ica



1 Day Tour in Nazca

Classic Tours in Nazca






1 Day Tour in Arequipa

Classic Tours in Arequipa
  • Arequipa classic city tour
  • Arequipa best tours 4D3N *****
  • Arequipa classic 3D2N*****
  • Colca Canyon Day tour*****
  • Arequipa+Colca Canyon 2D
  • Colca Canyon+Puno 2D
  • Colca Canyon+Puno 3D*****
  • Colca Canyon Trek 4 D*****





    1 Day Tour in Puno

    Classic Tours in Puno
  • Uros floating islands*****
  • Day Tour to Lake Titicaca*****
  • Sillustani Inca site
  • Uros islands+Sillustani*****
  • Inca Uyo+Aramu muru+Tiahuanaco 1D
  • Cruise Puno La Paz 1D*****
  • Cruise La Paz Puno 1D
  • Cruise Puno La Paz RT 1D
  • Cruise Puno La Paz 2 Days
  • Cruise Puno La Paz RT 2D
  • Cruise La Paz Puno 1D
  • Cruise La Paz Puno RT 1D



    1 Day Tour in Huaraz

    Classic Tours in Huaraz
  • Chavin de Huantar Day Tour *****
  • Llanganuco Lake Day Tour
  • Pastoruri snowy full day trip
  • Huaraz Classic 3D2N
  • Huaraz Relax 4D3N
  • Huaraz Complete 5D4N
  • Lagoon 69 - 1 Day Hike *****
  • Churup Lagoon - 1 Day Hike
  • Rajucolta lagoon - 1 Day Hike
  • Chacas Punta Olimpica 1Day
  • Hatun Machay stone's forest
  • Tour Honcopampa & Thermal baths of Chancos Full Day Tour



    1 Day Tour in Trujillo Chiclayo

    Northern Classic Tours  Trujillo And Chiclayo
  • Chan Chan+Sun,Moon day tour *****
  • Chan Chan+Huaca Arcoiris day tour *****
  • Chan Chan,Sun & Moon,Arcoiris day tour *****
  • Brujo Complex+lady of Cao day tour
  • Chan Chan,Sun & Moon,Arcoiris Huanchaco day tour
  • Trujillo Classic Tour 3D2N *****
  • Chiclayo City+Witch Market half day
  • Lord of Sipan Royal Tomb Musem half day
  • Bruning Archeological museum half day
  • Batan Grande+Sican museum day tour
  • Chiclayo classic Tour 3D2N *****
  • Huaca Rajada+Tucume+Lord of Sipan Royal Tombs museum



    1 Day Tour in Tambopata

    Classic Tours in  Tambopata
  • Sandoval Lake Day Tour *****
  • Monkey Island Day Tour *****
  • Canopy Walkway Day Tour *****











    1 Day Tour in Cajamarca

    Classic Tours in  Cajamarca
  • Cajamarca City Tour
  • Otuzco windows
  • Cumbemayo complex
  • Granja Porcon
  • Hacienda La Colpa
  • Kuntur Wasi complex+museum
  • inca Baths
  • Lady of Pacopampa in Chota








    1 Day Tour in Chachapoyas

    Classic Tours in Chachapoyas
  • Mausoleums Revash
  • Leymebamba Museum *****
  • Kuelap fortress1 Day Tour *****
  • Karajia Sarcophagus
  • Gocta waterfalls 1 Day Tour *****









    1 Day Trek, Hikes

    Trek, Hikes in Peru
  • IncaTrail Machu Picchu 2D (Cusco)
  • Lagoon 69 - 1 Day Hike *****(Huaraz)
  • Churup Lagoon - 1 Day Hike (Huaraz)
  • Rajucolta lagoon - 1 Day Hike (Huaraz)
  • Rainbow Mountain Trek 1D (Cusco)








    1 Day Tour Boat ,Catamaran

    Classic Boat Tours, Catamaran, Cruise in Peru
  • Palomino swimm with sea lions *****
  • Ballestas islands boat tours
  • Iquitos+Leticia+Tabatinga 3 frontiers *****
  • Cruise Puno La Paz 1D*****
  • Cruise La Paz Puno 1D
  • Cruise Puno La Paz RT 1D
  • Cruise La Paz Puno 1D
  • Cruise La Paz Puno RT 1D








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